Smoking juice? Now, there’s something to look into. By now, many young consumers and enlightened minds have cottoned on to this innovative habit which, in actual fact, has been around since the middle of the previous century. Somehow then, the concept of vaping or e-cigarette smoking didn’t quite take off. Back then, the developers of these products, the vape juice too, had their backs to the wall where unlegislated tobacco smoking was concerned.

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If they’re still around today, your mom, pop, granddad or grandma could tell you all a story or two about the glamour that was associated with tobacco smoking. The fact that many folks are smoking tobacco today has nothing more to do with the craving addiction for nicotine. Along with nicotine, a number of poisons continue to be included in the mass-produced cigarette cartons. At this stage, however, it is pleasing to note that no Surgeon General’s warning is necessary to be slapped on most of the bulk vape juice available for purchase online.

And if it has escaped the notice of the authorities, the folks that have designed and manufactured your vaping juice have placed their own warnings on the products, particularly when some juice selections have a minimal amount of nicotine included. Warnings that are legislated have to do with age limits. Health warnings remain necessary. When you are smoking, you are still putting your health at risk, but the collateral damage is way, way minimal in comparison to tobacco smoking.

And, of course, it isn’t a good idea for pregnant mommies and folks with heart and diabetes issues to be vaping at this time. As to why it is all the rage now among those who have discovered it, vaping is small compensation for a dangerous habit far too difficult to give up.